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Create a Relaxing Beach Oasis With Coastal Living Design Ideas”

Coastal Living: Designing Your Beach-Inspired Home

Coastal living is a distinct and unique style of décor that originated in beach-side regions. It combines elements of cozy comfort, relaxed sophistication, and a touch of laid-back beach vibes. Coastal living is perfect for anyone looking to bring the ocean into their home. Whether you live close to the beach or miles away, Coastal Living offers an inviting atmosphere that can help you create the home of your dreams.

When designing a beach-inspired home, begin by selecting colors from nature, such as sky, sea, and sand shades. Complement your walls with furniture pieces made from natural materials, like wicker, rattan, and driftwood. Decorative accents should include items such as seashells, beach treasures, and vintage objects. Additionally, keep light and airy feel in mind when you’re selecting textiles and patterns. Think lightweight white curtains and bedding with nautical stripes, florals, and coral designs.

Benefits of Coastal Living

Coastal living is all about embracing the beauty of nature and bringing it indoors. It’s a style that blends the natural elements of the ocean and gentle hues of blue and green with effortless ease. Whether you are looking to turn your home into a beachfront paradise or you are just looking for a way to bring some subtle coastal vibes into your space, coastal living can be an ideal way to do so.

This style of interior design is known for its calming and soothing atmosphere. With the inclusion of natural materials like wood, stone, linens, shells, and sea-inspired accessories, your home can come alive with a beach-style ambience. Additionally, Coastal Living brings with it the opportunity to enjoy a more laidback lifestyle, since it is all about embracing the beauty of nature and taking in its calming energy.

Choosing furniture and decor pieces that fit in this style is the key to achieving the perfect beach-inspired look. Soft neutrals, blues, greens, and natural wood will provide a perfect backdrop to start your design journey. Adding outdoor touches like jute rugs, wicker furniture, and candle lanterns can really bring your design together and give you the perfect beach vibe.

The best part about Coastal Living is that, while it does has a distinct style, it can still be personalized to fit your individual tastes. By incorporating practical and decorative pieces, you can achieve a balanced design. For instance, if you are looking for a hint of sophistication, you can add pops of navy blue to contrast against the calming greens and pale blues already in the design. One thing is certain – Coastal Living can be the perfect design choice to make your home and living space feel like a beachy paradise.

Coastal Living Home Design

Designing a beach-inspired home is all about creating an atmosphere that feels relaxed and inviting. Color palettes of blues, greens, and whites are popular choices for a coastal living inspired space. Furniture pieces to consider include wicker chairs, rattan tables, and driftwood accents. A great way to create the perfect ambiance in a beach-inspired home is with fabrics and textiles.

  • Stripes, solids, and polka dots are all great fabrics for upholstered furniture.
  • Bold colors like reds, oranges, and yellows can be used to add accent pieces to give the room some life.
  • Lightweight curtains with soft patterns will help enhance the overall effect of the room.
  • Sheer or cotton linens can be used to cover windows and also for bedding.

Adding a few beachy accents here and there will instantly give your space the beach-inspired look and feel you’re after. Starfish or shells can be used as decorative elements to bring the ocean indoors. If you want to take it one step further, select art influenced by the coastal motif to hang on your walls.

Choose Decorative Elements for Your Beach-Inspired Home

Designing a beach-inspired home is all about bringing the ocean into your home. Whether it’s through nautical elements, tropical colors, or coastal prints, having decorations that capture the essence of the shore is essential. Here are some tips to help you contemplate the perfect décor for your beach-inspired home.


When it comes to rugs, you can go for traditional coastal colors like white, navy, and blues, or you can opt for a more tropical vibe. Choose muted colors and textures with natural fibers such as jute, sisal, or cotton. You can also look for accent colors that will bring out the beauty of your space, such as vibrant coral and turquoise.


Lamps are essential pieces when it comes to setting the tone of a room. For coastal living, opt for table lamps with a sleek design and a white base to bring a sense of light and airiness to the room. Alternatively, you can find beach-themed lamps or ones with coastal patterns and colors.

Wall Décor

Bold wall art with marine motifs is an excellent way to add a beachy look to your beach-inspired home. Hang paintings of sea life, seashells, or sailboats to bring a nautical touch to your room, or pick out wallpapers with beachy stripes and pastels. Also, frames with starfish, coral, or other shells can create a special coastal look.


For the final touches, consider adding some beach-inspired accessories such as candles with scents of the sea, shell-encrusted mirrors, and wall hooks with seahorse silhouettes. Be creative and mix and match these items to create a unique atmosphere in your home.

Designing a Chic Coastal Kitchen

Coastal living is the perfect theme to turn your kitchen into a beach-inspired paradise. It will not only create an inviting atmosphere, but it can also create a unique and stylish look for your home. Here are some tips to help you design a chic coastal kitchen:

  • Choose light colored countertops – think whites, creams, grays or blues – to create a soft beach feel in the space.
  • Add natural elements such as wood furniture, rattan wicker baskets, and a jute rug.
  • Choose seascape inspired artwork or nature wall décor to create a seaside atmosphere.
  • Replace upper cabinet doors with glass-front cupboard doors to let in light.
  • Install pendant lighting as task lighting over the island countertop.
  • Choose coastal inspired fabrics for seat cushions, tablecloths, window treatments, etc.
  • Opt for a classic white subway tile backsplash or a beachy blue mosaic tile.
  • Install open shelving as a decorative element and to show off colorful dishware.

These tips will help you to create the perfect beachy kitchen that will transport you to the coast every time you enter the space. With the right materials, furniture, and decorations, you can make your dream kitchen come to life.

Bring the Beach Vibes Into Your Bedroom

Creating a relaxation oasis in the bedroom of your beach-inspired home can be achieved by selecting the right type and colors of textiles. To achieve a peaceful and beachy atmosphere, utilize a color palette that includes blues, greens, and whites that remind you of the ocean. Furniture pieces inspired by driftwood or light woods such as cedar are a great way to add to the beachy feel. Selecting accessories such as wall arts, lamps and mirrors with a coastal twist will bring the entire look together.

When deciding on bedding, opt for light and airy fabrics to keep your bedroom cool and inviting. Cotton, voile and linen all work well while bringing a beachy feel to the space. Pillows and cushions should match the overall theme of the room and can come in an array of playful patterns that feature shells, starfish, ocean blues, and whites. Throw blankets also provide a nice touch and a perfect spot for curling up with a book.

Windows should be dressed with sheer curtains to let natural light in, and if privacy is an issue, consider adding thicker curtains in coordinating colors. The curtains should also have a loose draped effect similar to a sail to complete your beach-inspired look. To ensure a cohesive bedroom, unify the overall design concept by selecting a few key colors and patterns, then repeat them throughout the space.

Choosing the Right Textiles for a Beach-Inspired Look

To achieve a beach-inspired look in your home you need to choose the right textiles. Textiles include bedding, pillows, curtains, and other small accessories that give your home a distinct tropical vibe. The key to selecting these items is to go for light and airy fabrics like muslin, linen, or cotton.

When selecting pillows and bedding, stick to natural tones like white, beige, or light grey. These colors can create a feeling of openness and relaxation, perfect for a beach-inspired space. If you want to add a bit of color, look for hues like blue, yellow, and coral that are often seen in beach spots. For bedding, opt for designs with ocean-inspired patterns and tropical leaf motifs.

For curtains, look for light and sheer materials like chiffon or organza. They allow light to pass through them while also adding a delicate touch to the room. To complete the look, layer them with thicker, blockout fabric curtains. You can also add a valance at the top of the window to give the space an extra bit of sophistication.

Accessories like throws and cushions are a great way to bring in pops of color. Look for colors like turquoise, teal, and navy to bring a touch of the sea into your home. You can also find cushions inspired by beach scenes or with subtle prints such as starfish or seashells.

With the right textiles, you can easily create a beach-inspired look in your home. Incorporate light and airy fabrics and accessorize with bold colors and fun prints to make your space feel like you’re on a tropical getaway.

Creating an Outdoor Oasis: Landscape Options for a Beach-Inspired Home

Bringing the beach to your backyard can be fun and easy. With the right landscape design, you can transform your outdoor space into a beach-inspired paradise. From sun-filled patios to sandy pathways lined with tropical palms, your outdoor area is just waiting to be transformed into a unique oasis.

One of the first steps in creating a beach-inspired outdoor area is to choose the right materials. Natural stone or pea gravel are great options for creating pathways, while wooden planters can be used to grow coastal plants like hibiscus and frangipani. A few strategically placed beach chairs, some colorful umbrellas, and plenty of lush foliage can also go a long way in creating a beachy vibe.

If you have a pool, consider making it the centerpiece of your outdoor area. You can add a waterfall or use lighted pools to create a beautiful swimming oasis. Don’t forget to add plenty of shade to your outdoor area, as well, such as a pergola or patio umbrella.

Lighting is also an important factor when considering landscape options for a beach-inspired home. String lights, lanterns, and tiki torches can all bring a touch of the ocean air to your outdoor space. Finally, if your yard doesn’t have a natural beach look, consider building a sandpit or adding an artificial beach – complete with hammocks and beach umbrellas – to give it that extra seaside charm.

Example Pictures of Coastal Living

Pictures can help show how different design elements come together to create a beach-inspired look. Examples can range from a nightstand adorned with sea shells and a starfish-shaped lamp, to bright blue shutters and a painted hammock strung up in the backyard. There are countless ways to bring the beach into your home, and pictures are a great way to get ideas for how to do just that.

For example, a picture of a living room with light wooden floors, white wicker furniture, and throw pillows featuring a bright turquoise pattern instantly conveys the feeling of an ocean-inspired space. Other photos could include a photo of a teal-painted kitchen with white cupboards and blue-and-white-striped curtains in the window, or a Grecian-style outdoor terrace with wind chimes and white twinkle lights.

Using pictures as inspiration can be a fun and inspiring way to bring some of the beachy aesthetic into your home. Images can also provide ideas for different decorative pieces and accessories that can help take your Coastal Living look to the next level.

Bring the Beach Home With Art and Accessories

Turning your home into a liveable beach sanctuary can be made infinitely easier with the use of art and accessories. Adding pieces with beach-inspired motifs, such as starfish or seashells, can help to reinforce the beach-inspired look you’re aiming to create.

Using art to create a beach theme can also be used to evoke a sense of peacefulness and relaxation, helping to create an atmosphere that reflects the gentle shoreline and calm blue waters just outside your front door. A piece of art depicting ocean waves breaking against a rocky shore, for example, could be hung in the living room to further enhance the coastal theme.

In addition to art, coastal accessories such as seashells, coral, driftwood, and nautical-inspired items can be used to accentuate the beachy feel. These small finishing touches can draw on the calming elements of a beach while also adding texture and interest to the room. Decorative pillows in a variety of styles and colors, from light sandy tones to bold navy blues, work great too and can make a huge impact on the overall look and feel of the space.

Creating the perfect beach-inspired home may take some time and effort, but with the right combination of colors, materials, art, and accessories it’s definitely possible. The result will be a beautiful and inviting space that promotes a relaxed and soothing atmosphere.

Maintaining a Beach-Inspired Home

A beach-inspired home can look beautiful all year round if it is maintained properly. Here are some tips on how to keep your coastal living paradise in good condition.

  • Regularly dust furniture, shelves, and decorative elements.
  • Vacuum or sweep wooden and tiled floors.
  • Clean windows and doors regularly to keep grit and dirt out.
  • Wash curtains and blinds to remove dirt and dust.
  • Check for damage caused by insects, such as termites.
  • Replace any worn-out linens and textiles.
  • Clean the outdoor area regularly to prevent the buildup of dirt and grime.
  • Seal wood, stone, and other porous surfaces to protect them from moisture.
  • Freshen up the air with scented candles, potpourri, and room sprays.

These simple steps can go a long way in maintaining your beach-inspired home and keeping it looking great!

Embrace the Coastal Living Lifestyle

Coastal living provides a phenomenal opportunity to relax and enjoy life in a serene setting. By introducing natural elements from the beach into your home, you can bring tranquillity and a sense of comfort. Designing a beach-inspired home is easy if you take the right steps.

The first step in creating a home with a beach-inspired theme is to select colors that will evoke feelings of peace. Incorporating whites, blues, and greens will help give your space an airy atmosphere and make it feel like a beachside retreat. You’ll also need to pick furniture pieces that are comfortable, lightweight, and sleek.

When it comes to decorating, stick to neutral tones and accents of bold color to create the perfect coastal look. Rugs, lamps, wall décor, and decorative pillows can add a touch of elegance and charm to your design. To achieve an inviting and cozy atmosphere in the kitchen, opt for crisp off-white porcelain or light wooden cabinets, and white granite or marble countertops.

For your bedroom, aim for a calm and tranquil environment. Select bedding, mattress pads, and curtains in soothing colors that evoke a sense of relaxation and serenity. Additionally, be sure to choose appropriate window treatments that will block out sun during the day while still allowing in the soft, cool light of evening.

An outdoor area should include a seating area, sofas, and tables, as well as lush greenery and natural stones. If you have access to a beach, you can incorporate seashells and driftwood for an authentic beach vibe. You can also use art and accessories to bring the beach indoors.

Finally, it’s important to know how to properly maintain your beach-inspired home, making sure to deep clean regularly, check for any signs of damage, and replace worn out furniture. With these simple tips, you can bring the beauty of the beach into your home and embrace the laidback lifestyle of coastal living.

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